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Dancer from South Korea. He specialized in ballet and modern dance, works as a musical actor and has a PhD in physiology and medicine.

  • Name: Akina Jung
  • Location: Seoul (South Korea)
  • Contact: Facebook: Akina Jung https://www.facebook.com/akina.jung

Maria del Carmen Altamirano

Dancer from the City of Cordoba.

  • Name: Maria Del Carmen Altamirano
  • Location: City of Cordoba (Argentine Republic)
  • Contact: Facebook: Maria Del Carmen Altamirano https://www.facebook.com/ mariadelcarmen.altamirano.90

Pedro Javier Bonilla Cabrera

Dancer from the City of Buenos Aires

  • Name: Pedro Javier Bonilla Cabrera
  • Location: City of Buenos Aires (Argentine Republic)
  • Contact: Facebook Pedro Javier Bonilla Cabrera

Ricardo Astrada

25 years in the environment of Tango. Multiple award winner
He is part of the cast of renowned companies such as: Solo Tango El Show, Forever Tango ...
Appearing in many countries in America, Europe and Asia.

  • Name: Ricardo Astrada
  • Location: Pergamino - City of Buenos Aires (Argentine Republic)
  • Contact: Facebook Ricardo Astrada Instagram Ricardo Astrada Celular 1126385930 richardastrada@gmail.com

Azita Ressalat

German dancer seeks a dance partner, resides in Germany and frequently visits Buenos Aires (Argentina).

  • Heigth: 1.60m
  • Languages: Alemán, Inglés
  • Location: Stuttgart (Alemania)
  • Contact: https://www.facebook.com/azita.ressalat


Bailarina from Buenos Aires (Argentina) .

  • Heigth: 1.67m
  • Languages: Inglés, Español, Italiano, Portugués
  • Location: Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  • Contact: abrazotangueronearth@gmail.com